Neelakuyil, the film which became a milestone in the Malayalam film history, can now be seen enacted on the stage. Kerala People's Arts Club (KPAC), Kayamkulam, the oldest theatre organization in the state, will bring this 1954's evergreen film, jointly directed by P Bhaskaran and Ramu Kariat, on the stage as its 59th drama.

Neelakuyil was written by P C Kuttikrishnan, popularly known under his pen name Uroob. The initiative comes in the wake of his 34th death anniversary of Uroob. The two-hour drama, scripted by Suresh Sreestha and directed by Manoj Narayanon, revolves around the issue of casteism, as it tells the story of a love affair between a dalit girl and an educated, upper caste school teacher. M K Arjunan Master has scored the music for the songs, written by Jnanpith award winner ONV Kurup.

"The play first staged  in Thiruvananthapuram on August 2013 . It has received a lot of bookings. The 3.5-hour-long film will be staged as a two-hour drama and we have made some changes in the style of narration. We have also included new songs. It will gift a new experience to the audience," said KPAC secretary A Shajahan.