Kerala People's Arts Club (KPAC) a pioneer in performing arts, is the oldest theatre organization in kerala. It was established in 1950 with the object of promoting social awareness through cultural activities and became the harbinger of social renaissance. Since its inception it has been a vital part of Kerala theatre movement. Its plays have had a substantial role in entertainment and education; and it inspired the suppressed sections to unite for a fair and just society. KPAC has been striving to pursue its cultural heritage with pride and honour. It carries forward the legacy of cultural visionaries to fulfill their dream of a society free of exploitation, communalism, and pseudo-culture. KPAC stands to promote positive and progressive ideology towards peace, democracy and cultural advance.

KPAC is registered under Travancore - Cochin Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act. Its Governing body is the executive committee elected from the general body of the members. The members of the first executive committee were Adv . G. Janardhana Kurup, Adv. N. Rajagopalan Nair, Adv. K.S. Raja Mani, Punalur Balan, Kottayam Sreeni & Kilimannur Kuttappan. Now the committee members are K E . Ismail (President)(former MP and revenue minister of Kerala), T. Purushothaman, T.V. Balan, N. Sukumara Pillai, Dr. Vallikkavu Mohandas, Adv k Prakash Babu & Adv. A. Shajahan (Secretary)

  Affiliation & Association with other organizations

KPAC is associated with the Indian Peoples Theatre Association (IPTA). It is also affiliated to the Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy and Kerala Folk Lore Academy. It is closely associated with Thoppil Bhasi Foundation and K. Kesavan Potty Foundation.